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  • Kim Kardashian Seeks Privacy through Mediation

    February 10, 2012

    Did you ever think you’d see the word “privacy” anywhere near Kim Kardashian?   A source close to her has said : “A public trial is the last thing that Kim wants….She wants the mediation to be private, confidential and legally binding.”  (perhaps confusing mediation with binding arbitration, but still…)  Is it possible that Kim, whose $10 million wedding was a television event, wants her divorce “out of the spotlight”, as she claims? 

    Recognizing that the divorce could easily take longer than the 72 day marriage, she seeks mediation to keep the divorce from exceeding the length of the marriage.  Apparently, in California, one can “formally” petition the court to have the divorce heard by a mediator.  (In NJ, a litigant will usually start mediation before filing for divorce, but will eventually be directed to economic mediation by the court before a trial begins).  While I”ve never been a KK fan, I’m all in favor of avoiding litigation whenever possible.  And one can only imagine the costs she will save if that happens.

    Mediation does permit divorcing couples to have private and confidential discussions that lead to a Memorandum of Understanding, a document which is ultimately incorporated into or revised to become a Marital Settlement Agreement.  Some mediations take longer than others (usually 3-5 sessions, but sometimes more) but nearly all conclude far more quickly than a litigated divorce.  And much less expensively.

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