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    RISA A. KLEINER, Esq.  APM, is an attorney and an Accredited Professional Mediator in Princeton with more than 27 years of experience in family law.  She is committed to seeking better, more creative and less stressful solutions in divorce and family law matters. Risa can mediate your case, negotiate a settlement on your behalf or represent you in a collaborative divorce.  Risa provides personal attention to each client.  Her goal is to help you to avoid expensive litigation, resolve issues in a non-adversarial manner and reach solutions that work for you and your children. You can be assured that your concerns will be given high priority.


    The Divorce Process

    What are my options?

    In order to finalize a divorce, all issues concerning custody, parenting time, support and distribution of property must be resolved.  There are several ways to reach that goal.  Traditional litigation is a court-based process that requires formal discovery, court appearances and possibly a trial.  The Judge may decide the outcome and the process may be lengthy and costly. The other three options are known as Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Each type of ADR is a more individualized approach that takes place outside of court and results in a Settlement Agreement that is presented to the court at the time of the divorce. ADR is less adversarial, less time-consuming and generally far less expensive than litigation.   

    To learn about each process, click on the links below.

                            1.  Collaborative Divorce

                            2.  Mediation

                            3.  Arbitration

                            4.  Litigation


    If you are interested in learning more about Collaborative Divorce and mediation, please contact our Princeton office by calling 609.951.2222 or emailing us at Risa@rkleinerlaw.com to discuss your questions.